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University Rover Challenge 2016

The University Rover Challenge (URC) is the world’s most premier robotics competition for students hosted by the Mars Society for University and College Students. It is held annually in the desert of southern Utah in the United States. URC challenges student teams to design and build the next generation of Mars rovers that will one day work alongside astronauts exploring the Red Planet. URC was launched in 2006, with competitions being held every summer since 2007. URC consistently draws an international field of the most talented and promising students around the world, which is a big opportunity for the university students to show their inner potential in front of the whole world.

/* ABOUT US */

About US

AIUB Robotic Crew (ARC) is a team of undergraduate students from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) which is passionate about the field of robotics. ARC started off as a young team (mostly 3rd year undergraduates) with little experience but they have made up for it with their passion to learn and excel in pursuing their dreams. The team was formed around the beginning of 2015 and soon got approval from their university to initiate their involvement in the competition around April 2015. Even though hundreds of students were initially interested, the team had to be filtered down to only 17 of the best. The team comprises of 13 bright and hardworking students from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of AIUB and 4 exceptionally talented stalwarts from the Computer Science Department of AIUB. Some of these members had participated in robotics and programming contests and won national awards. Even with such diverse backgrounds and disciplines, the members of ARC share one common goal and that is to represent themselves, their alma mater and their nation, at the highest platform. With strong determination and work ethics, this team has grown in strength and confidence exponentially over time. They believe that through this opportunity they will be part of something special and inspire the future generations to follow in their footsteps.
- Ebad Zahir (ARC Advisor)

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Ebad Zahir

Assistant Professor, AIUB

The Crew

Md. Mahfuzur Rahman

Team leader,BSc in EEE,4th Year
  • Rover Chassis Assembly & Servicing

Ashik Sarker

Team Manager: Mechanical & Structural Design,BSc in EEE,4th Year

Md. Abir Hossen

Team Manager: Software & Hardware Interface,BSc in EEE,3rd Year
  • On-board Testing
  • Science Plan Task

Mechanical & Structural Design Team

Md. Josim Uddin

BSc in EEE, 3rd Year
  • Rover Body Assembly
  • Rover Hand & Wheel Assembly

Chowdhury Miftah Mahmood Sagir

BSc in EEE, 2nd Year
  • Comprehensive Mechanical Simulation

Nihar Sarker

BSc in EEE, 4th Year
  • Rover Body Assembly
  • Suspension Coil Design

Farhan Mamun

BSc in EEE,3rd Year
  • CAD Design

MD Nazimuddowla

BSc in EEE,2nd Year
  • Design of Arm (Base)
  • Conceptual Mechanical Design & Simulation

Md. Shohanuzzaman Zim

BSc in EEE,3rd Year
  • Initial Research on Wheel and Motor Options
  • Initial Sketch of Wrist Design

Software & Hardware Interface Team

H.M. Ata-E-Rabbi

BSc in CSE, 4th Year
  • GPS Tracking of Rover
  • Interfacing Electrical Controls
  • Wireless Communication
  • Website Development

Zishan Ahmed Onik

BSc in CIS, 3rd Year
  • Interfacing Electrical Sensors & Controls
  • Wireless Communication

Sashanka Kumar Pramanik

BSc in EEE, 4th Year
  • PCB Design & Hardware Implementation

Sefat Noor Orni

BSc in CSE, 3rd Year
  • Rover Stability Feedback using Gyroscope
  • GUI Design
  • Website Development

Shabab Iqbal

BSc in EEE, 3rd Year
  • Research on MARS Habitat

Md. Kamrul Hassan

BSc in EEE, 3rd Year
  • Battery Design & Implementation
  • PCB Design & Implementation

Md. Mezanur Rahman

BSc in EEE, 3rd Year
  • Technical Documentation and Report Generation
  • Research on MARS Habitat

Minar Mahmud

BSc in CSE,3rd Year
  • Wireless Communication


Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, Vice Chancellor, AIUB.

Mr. Ishtiaque Abedin, Chairman, AIUB.

Dr. Hasanul A. Hasan, Founder Member, AIUB.

Professor Dr. A.B.M Siddique Hossain, Dean (Faculty of Engineering), AIUB.

Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman, Director (Faculty of Engineering), Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB

Mr. Manzur H Khan, Director, Office of Students Affairs (OSA), AIUB

Chowdhury Akram Hossain, Assistant Professor, Special Assistant (OSA), Faculty of Engineering, AIUB

Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan, Assistant Professor, Special Assistant (OSA), Faculty of Engineering, AIUB

ARC would like to express heartiest gratitude to an Alumni for giving enormous support during competition time in USA:

ARC would like to express deep gratitude to the following Alumni for their support during the initial stages:

Rahik Chowdhury, Mahmud Yusuf, Md. Arif Abdulla Samy, Mofassair Hossain

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